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  • Make the complex manageable
    Opportunities found. Where there are people there will always be conflict - we help you manage complex relational dynamics, ensuring your team is able to connect, collaborate and accelerate.
  • Rise to the challenge
    Savvy leaders who prepare for financial and human risk and strategize around it, are able to uncover great opportunities and a competitive advantage.
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  • Mentoring


    I have worked with several executives over the past 15 years, and am constantly made aware... read more
  • Counselling


    The process of facilitation is founded on the principles of support and guidance... read more
  • Courses


    If you are focused, driven, ambitious, successful, and searching for authentic, practical... read more
  • Presentations


    Join Ali Murray for a fun, impactful and inspirational presentation, where you... read more
Ali-Murray - alimurray

Welcome by Ali Murray

I wish to personally welcome you to the AMRC website.

The AMRC Consultancy is a proactive, practical relationship related service with two divisions. One being Executive and management mentoring and the other Individual employee counselling...

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Success Barrometer

Most people have one thing in common; we are all aiming for success in our own unique ways.

But the question is; are we doing it right? Success overall is a very precise thing like a mathematical formula. If you plug in the right inputs you "will" get certain outputs.

Take our quick and easy success barometer test and you will be  able  to gauge where you are and where you need to improve. Strictly confidential.

View your results immediately

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Author - alimurray

Something Fresh

Join Ali Murray for an author’s party and get behind the stories, dramatic highlights, personal confessions and more...read more

Contact Us

Please contact Ali on +27 83 408 4061, between 09:00 and 16:00 weekdays.

Enquiry / Feedback Form
Should you wish to make an enquiry, please fill out the form. We endeavour to respond to all queries within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can email us with your request to info@alimurray.co.za
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