About Us

At the AMRC Consultancy, we help create the energy and passion to drive through relationship challenges ensuring business strategies are expediently implemented, to build a better, more successful individual and business.

The AMRC Consultancy is a proactive, practical relationship related service which focuses on:

  • Executive and management mentoring focused on supporting the relational dynamics of executives and management;
  • External training and internal learning opportunities which often form part of the collective excellence development plan; and
  • Individual counselling focused on practical support and guidance.

Precise external support can act as a catalyst by promoting positive outcomes at a rate which is much faster than can be achieved alone.


Ali Murray

Counsellor and Mentor

The AMRC Consultancy is headed up by Ali Murray. Ali’s key strength is her ability to engage readily and easily with executives and management,  rapidly identifying relational opportunities and risk, implementing practical structures to support and guide individuals and teams to function optimally within their contexts and fields of operations or business.

Ali is intuitive, has excellent strategic vision, superb people skills and understands competition. She likes to see her clients ‘win’.


Ali is the author of fictional and non-fictional books on relationships that are available in soft and paperback copy on Amazon.Kindle.

Specialised Support

At the AMRC Consultancy we draw from a range of disciplines including; communication; diversity; cultural; change; medical; financial and legal professionals. We work as a team or with the specialist skills of one practice. Our approach enables us to take on challenges which require a range of capabilities in an integrated way.

Dr Peter Tobin

Prof Gérard Labuschagne


Give your company the leading edge.

Simply put – you strive for excellence, and we would like to support you in achieving and winning with it.


Initiative Pledge

We join the Government/Business/Labour initiative, and commit to:

Do the Right Thing; Stand by what is Right; Reject what is wrong.

We stand for:

  • Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which guarantee the independence of our courts and the impartiality of our prosecuting authority, and which create the institutions strengthening constitutional democracy in our country, such as the Office of the Public protector
  • Good Governance, by which we mean transparent, rational and evidence-based policy making in the national interest; diligent and honest delivery of public goods and services; and a private sector that holds itself – and is held – to the highest standards of corporate citizenship, corporate governance and ethics
  • A vibrant democracy, including the rights to freedom of expression and to protest peacefully under the equal protection of the law
  • Fast and inclusive economic growth and job creation enabled by a stable and predictable regulatory framework for business
  • Social justice and transformation so that South Africa truly becomes a country that belongs to all who live in it
  • Procedural and substantive justice for all

Inclusive growth and a prosperous South Africa for all.