Relationship Enrichment Guide for Women, with great tips for men Synopsis

Are you single and searching? Lonely and longing? Divorced and desperate? Or trapped in a miserable marriage? Need to spice up your relationship? Whatever your age, your experience or your status, this book can help you to win at the game of love!

Ali Murray’s Relationship Enrichment Guide is a practical tool for finding and enriching your relationship. It shares personal insights, real-life stories, and practical skills and tools that work. Whether you’re single or involved, this is an insightful guide to achieving the deep and rewarding relationship you’ve always longed for.

At various stages of our lives we need different things in relationships. After years of counselling, Ali has learnt the secrets of many happy couples’ relationship success. She shares these practical tips in the Relationship Enrichment Guide. Learn to choose the right partner, maintain a happy relationship, and add tons of fun and romance to your life!

“Ali Murray helped me to find and build the relationship I deserve!” – Christine

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Forbidden Love and Guilty Pleasures Synopsis

Short Synopsis

Newly single, Jinny emerges from the ruins of a horror-show marriage. She’s almost penniless and her vengeful ex is out to destroy her. She has to fight to keep her kids, her business and her very life. But at last she’s free. She launches into a series of wild liaisons while fighting the legal system and her ex’s fraudulent attempts at sabotage.

The no-strings friends with benefits and open relationships feel good for a while, but gradually she realises there’s more to it. For the first time, memories of childhood trauma come back to haunt her. En route, she meets several good men, each with their own level of dysfunction. But each, in their own way, helps her on her journey to recovery. Who will Jinny end up with? Can she defeat her evil ex?

Does she even need a man? All these questions are answered as Jinny finds her path to personal fulfilment.

Love & Guilty Pleasures – Book Review

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A Survival Guide to Recovering from Heartbreaks, Relationship Problems, Personal Disappointments and Toxic Relationships

We have all experienced heartbreaks, disappointments and levels of relationship problems in our lives that we should take the time to address, because the reality is that life does not always work out the way we thought it would.

The survival guide is filled with practical information and skills on how to identify your love pattern, when enough is ENOUGH, relationships that are not good for you, when to get out, and how to get out of relationships that are not good for you. Also legal advice if your problems have escalated to a point where you require legal intervention.

All this information could prove to be of value to you, your loved ones, friends or colleagues who require assistance. It is not a failure to end a relationship that is not good for you. It takes a lot of courage and strength to stand up for yourself and your children and to walk away from a toxic relationship.

Just think! If you were able to let go of fear in your life how much more you would be able to achieve.

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