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Relationship Enrichment Guide for Women, with great tips for men

Author Ali Murray

Whatever your age, your experience or your status, learn to choose the right partner, maintain a happy relationship, and add tons of fun and romance to your life!

Ali Murray’s Relationship Enrichment Guide is a practical tool for finding and enriching and spicing up your relationships. It shares personal insights, real-life stories, and practical skills and tools – that work!

After years of counselling, Ali has learnt the secrets of many happy couples’ relationship success. She shares these practical tips in the Relationship Enrichment Guide.

Survival Guide from Heartbreak and Toxic Relationships

We have all experienced in our lives the heartbreaks, disappointments, and relationship problems that we should take the time to address. It’s not the ending of a relationship that matters most, but how quickly we choose to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. The key to success is to keep moving our lives forward without dragging our “old baggage” around with us.

Many of us have been brought up to believe that we will get married one day, have two or three children, and live happily ever after. Or perhaps, if we have had unhappy childhoods, we are led to believe that a knight in shining armour will sweep us off our feet and rescue us from ourselves. So what happens when things go wrong and your fairy tale turns out to be a horror story?

Forbidden Love

Author Ali Murray

Newly single, Jinny emerges from the ruins of a horror-show marriage. She’s almost penniless and her vengeful ex is out to destroy her. She has to fight to keep her kids, her business and her very life. But at last she’s free. She launches into a series of wild sexual liaisons while fighting the legal system and her ex’s fraudulent attempts at sabotage. The no-strings sex and open relationships feel good for a while, but gradually she realises there’s more to it.

For the first time, memories of childhood trauma come back to haunt her. En route, she meets several good men, each with their own level of dysfunction. But each, in their own way, helps her on her journey to recovery. Who will Jinny end up with? Can she defeat her evil ex? Does she even need a man? All these questions are answered as Jinny finds her path to personal fulfilment.

Forewarned is forearmed, foreword by Author Ali Murray

I wrote Forbidden Love & Guilty Pleasures because it is my sincere wish that people should have a sense of how deeply and how severely abuse and related issues impact on people’s lives.   Whether you have been abused or not, most of us have experienced heartbreaks, disappointments and relationship problems in our lives. Explicit sections of this book may resonate, titillate, jar, or shock you, as I am speaking about what really happens, not what is “socially acceptable”.

You are not a bad person if you have done a few wild, off-the-wall, dysfunctional, “unsaintly” things, maybe even a few hell- and hair-raising things on your journey to recovery. Underneath all that self-destruction is a good person who has had a bad experience.

Readers reviews on Forbidden Love and Guilty Pleasures

Never judge a book by its cover!
I started reading about 23:00 last night and stopped at 02:00. If it was not for work would have finished the book. It is captivating, parts of the book pull on one’s heart strings and parts make on giggle and wonder! No one said life is fair, however the distinguishing factor is what one make of the life you get. The book is for every-one and anyone can learn and reflect from reading this book. One thing is for sure “You are an instrument of mass enablement” and not to be underestimated. Nico (50)

About Author

Ali Murray is a counsellor, relationship consultant, mentor and professional speaker dedicated to assisting people with their interpersonal relationships. Ali matriculated from Roedean School (South Africa) in Johannesburg. She was a Rotary exchange student in Argentina before graduating in public relations and qualifying as a paramedic in 1998.

Ali is passionate about relationships, seeing both singles and couples enjoying each other and doing well. So it seemed like a natural course of events to her, after 15 years of counselling and presenting, to write a book or three.

In 2000 Ali moved into the counselling field, concentrating on relationships and intimacy. She studied through the University of Sydney (Australia), while simultaneously training as a public speaker. She has now been mentoring and counselling individuals and couples – and speaking professionally – for more than 15 years.

Ali works closely with medical and legal professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and attorneys, helping people to achieve and maintain successful relationships. She’s also a media favourite and enjoys regular coverage on TV and radio, as well as in glossy magazines and newspapers.