The AMRC Consultancy is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable and we support the following projects:


Ali is passionate about protecting vulnerable children and works as a volunteer at assisting Advocate Steenhuisen on the ‘One child at a time programme’ for undocumented and stateless children.

Ali works closely with the Police on counselling victims of Domestic Violence (DV). In 2016 Sgt Phoko, who heads up a domestic violence unit and whose victims Ali counselled won the women of the year award for her outstanding work. Ali was invited to the function and thanked by the General for the work she does to assist the vulnerable.


Ali is the spokesperson for a Trust that looks after four children who were abandoned by their father after their mom died; Ali has been instrumental in organising the Trust; getting the children back into school; organising their remedial care; assisting with getting their temporary safe care and foster care in order; activating the community they are now living in to assist in.