Executive and management mentoring


“Mentoring is the process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital and psychological support  …. as relevant to work, career or professional development”

We offer a bespoke mentoring service to executives and top management. Being extremely direct in its objectives and simple in its system and delivery,

our highly-confidential service will encourage, challenge and motivate executives and top management to perform to their full operational potential.

Benefits of mentoring divided into 3 categories:

  1. Executive excellence mentoring focusing on supporting the relational dynamics of executives:
    • Career goal definition;
    • Career goal achievement plan; and
    • Enhancement of young and upcoming executives.
  2. Established mid-career mentoring focusing on establishing purpose and setting career goals that challenge mid-life career stagnation:
    • Developing a personal management style;
    • Recognition of the need for constructive challenge, beyond what they will receive from insiders and non-executives; and
    • To build and follow through demanding personal learning plans.
  3. Transitioning executive mentoring focusing on supporting the relational dynamics of retiring executives. Retirement is no longer an event, it’s a transition.  For many executives, one of the biggest lifestyle adjustments after retirement is the realisation that their active income has stopped.  This also includes the realisation that: they cannot sustain their current lifestyle; they feel too young to retire; their new ‘joint relationship’ venture they are so ready to pursue with their spouse is often in troubled waters and their partners fear a future together due to relationship neglect; and the thought of leading a life filled with bingo and golf is not that appealing. So transitioning executive mentoring focuses on:
    • Preparing for transition to post-executive role;
    • Managing their own development and own the processes involved; and
    • Developing a more effective mentoring style in the way they develop emerging or incoming executives.

Value add to companies who engage in executive and management mentorship:

  • An executive and management team which feels supported and looked after by the organisation they serve;
  • An increase in loyalty towards and pride in the organisation they serve;
  • A committed, cohesive and collaborative executive team;
  • More productive teams leading to productive organisations and increased profits;
  • A culture of heightened inclusivity with a common cause and focus that is committed and connected; and
  • Leaders with the capacity and capability to lead their teams in an authentic and impactful way.

Key Features

  • The key feature of the AMRC approach is to be authentic, practical, pragmatic, real, relevant and effective.
  • Specialised support – we draw from a range of disciplines including: communication; diversity; cultural; change; medical; financial and legal professionals. We work as a team or with the specialist skills of one practice. Our approach enables us to take on challenges which require a range of capabilities in an integrated way.
  • External training and internal learning opportunities often form part of the mentoring process.



It is vital that the individual interacts well with the mentor and vice versa. Since mentoring depends on the quality of the relationship between the mentor and the individual, we recommend you book a confidential 30 minute introductory session with Ali Murray.


What is a mentoring introductory session?

The mentoring introductory sessions are conducted by Ali and provide a forum for executives to focus on their professional, career and personal goals, as well as work challenges.

This provides the avenue and platform we need to support executives in finding and developing successful solutions to any opportunities and risks that may be identified and raised in the sessions.

The introductory session is without any obligation to the executive and its aim is to demonstrate how we support executives.

Benefits of a mentoring introductory session with Ali:


Insight: Sometimes executives are so involved and entrenched in a company’s culture and issues that they are unable to see effective solutions to challenges they are experiencing. The Focus session will highlight and provide fresh external insight into possible opportunities as well as provide solutions to the issues involved. All focus sessions remain strictly confidential.

Pricing models available:  Pro-rata, retainer basis or contract basis.

What we do is designed and customised and the solution agreed upon with each client.

Given the nature of the engagement and the special circumstances of each client, it is preferable to agree on a fee that is appropriate for the type of engagement with each client.

Precise external support can act as a catalyst by promoting positive outcomes
at a rate which is much faster than the executive can achieve alone.