What is a mentoring introductory session?

The mentoring introductory sessions are conducted by Ali and provide a forum for executives and top management to focus on their professional, career and personal goals, as well as work challenges.

This provides the avenue and platform we need to support executives in finding and developing successful solutions to any opportunities and risks that may be identified and raised in the sessions.

The introductory session is without any obligation to the executive and its aim is to demonstrate how we support executives.

Benefits of an executive focus session with Ali:


Insight: Sometimes executives are so involved and entrenched in a company’s culture and issues that they are unable to see effective solutions to challenges they are experiencing. The Focus session will highlight and provide fresh external insight into possible opportunities as well as provide solutions to the issues involved. All focus sessions remain strictly confidential.

Chemistry: It is vital that the individual interacts well with the mentor and vice versa. Since mentoring depends on the quality of the relationship between the mentor and the individual, we recommend you book a confidential 30 minute introductory session with Ali Murray.