Stabilise, Support and Grow your Business

In times of change, leaders need to stabilise, support and grow their businesses by anticipating challenges, identifying opportunities and optimising financial, business and human capital strategy implementation.


Different by Design

We design innovative, customised business solutions, radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders. Our approach enables us to take on challenges which require a range of capabilities to be used in an integrated way.


Human Strategy

Our executive mentoring, and customised growth strategies are designed to stabilise, support and grow the executive and management team, thereby maximising team performance while optimising financial and business strategies.

By optimising people’s strengths, CEOs and management can move from command and control to connecting and collaborating, in order to act as a catalyst to bring together disparate and diverse sets of people to collectively move the company forward.

People in highly stressful, change situations frequently revert to their own protective/survival behaviour, making it increasingly difficult for the team to work together and, as a result, the company as a whole suffers. We assist in turning reactive behaviour into productive behaviour.

Change is the best time for the team to face the fear, face the facts, to find a common cause, to lock arms, to put their backs to the wall and to create synergies to connect and collaborate; in other words to develop a strong and continuing loyalty and pride.

A happier, more productive team leads to a more productive organisation.

Specialised Support

At the AMRC Consultancy, we draw from a range of disciplines including: financial and legal professionals; communication; diversity; cultural; change; medical; and financial professionals.

We work as a team or with the specialist skills of one practice.

Organisational and individual outcomes:

We enable your team to deal with change within the workplace; communicate, resolve conflict, connect and collaborate effectively with each other.

Pricing models available:  Pro-rata, retainer basis or contract basis

What we do is designed and customised and the solution agreed upon with each client.

Given the nature of the engagement and the complexity and special circumstances of each client, it is preferable to agree to a fee that is appropriate for the engagement with each client.


Dr Peter Tobin

Prof Gérard Labuschagne

Give your company the leading edge.

We provide authentic, practical, real, relevant relational solutions for a more engaged, productive, collaborative team, while improving profitability to your bottom line.